• Lost or stolen? Siberian huskies disappear in Henry County

    By: Berndt Petersen


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A Henry County woman believes there may be somebody out there who is targeting an expensive dog breed and stealing them.

    She told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen a large number of Siberian huskies have disappeared in recent weeks.

    When Angel Huss posted a picture of her missing husky, she learned that several Siberian huskies are missing across Henry County, and in neighboring municipalities.    

    "It's heartbreaking, very heartbreaking to have that feeling, and not knowing,” Huss said.


    Three weeks ago, one of her dogs, a Siberian husky named Una, disappeared.

    "She would roam, but never leave. I know that dogs just don't vanish into thin air,” Huss said.  

    When she posted a picture of Una online, she learned that several huskies were missing across Henry County

    Pet owner thinks huskies are being stolen in one metro county
    and in neighboring municipalities. Four are currently pictured on the lost and found wall at the county animal shelter, which makes Huss believe they were stolen.

    "We see a lot of Siberian huskies. They are Nordic sled dogs,” Animal Control director Gerri Yoder said.  

    Yoder does not want to dismiss concerns that something criminal may be going on but she said in her experience, these dogs are on a walkabout.

    "Huskies were bred to run. They can be difficult to keep up and difficult to keep home,” Yoder said.

    At least one of the pet owners contacted police, and Huss told Petersen she might too. Huskies are an expensive breed, and Huss does not believe the dogs are simply lost.

    "These dogs are not just leaving. I just think someone has taken them,” Huss said.

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