• Paramedic calls 911 after ambulance crashes

    By: Shae Rozzi


    ROME, Ga. - Georgia State Patrol ticketed the driver of an Amerimed ambulance for driving too fast for conditions after losing control on Interstate 575 north of GA 140 around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

    "I'm in an ambulance. The lights are on and we just lost control," Amanda Lynn Johns, 32, of Rome, told dispatchers during a 911 call obtained by Channel 2's Shae Rozzi.

    According to the GPS, the ambulance hit a tree, flipped and hit a second tree.

    Pictures show the back of the ambulance ripped open and the front passenger side smashed in.

    "I flew out of the window of the ambulance," Johns told the dispatcher on the recordings.

    "You flew out of the window of the ambulance?" the dispatcher asked.

    "Yes, onto the street," Johns told the dispatcher.

    "I've got a patient who was in the back that flew out of the back of the ambulance. He's got a pretty good gash on the top of his head," the dispatcher says.

    Johns told dispatchers that another EMT was stuck inside the ambulance because the doors wouldn't open.

    "Very rarely do we have calls where an ambulance is calling an ambulance for help," Tim Cavender, public information officer for Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services told Rozzi.

    Three Cherokee County ambulances took the two EMTs and their patient to the hospital for injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

    According to the 911 call, the patient was being transported to a hospital for drug and alcohol treatment when the accident happened.

    The call also shows how Johns stayed focused on her patient even though she needed help herself.

    "OK, buddy, lean your head back," Johns told the patient. "Lay back. OK. Hold on."

    "Am I going to live?" the patient can be heard saying during the call.

    "You're going to live," Johns said.

    "I'm going to live?" the patient asked.

    "I promise you. Hold on," Johns said.

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