• Parents sue over baby formula with bugs


    ATLANTA,None - A Georgia woman is among a group of parents filing a lawsuit after her child was fed contaminated baby formula. The formula was recalled, but the company did so a week too late, according to the suit.

    On Sept. 22, several Similac-brand infant formulas were recalled, and Abbott Laboratories, the company behind the brand, announced infants who consumed the formulas could suffer gastrointestinal discomfort and refuse to eat.

    According to the suit, the company discovered formulas contaminated with beetles and beetle larvae one week before the recall. A letter to the company from Sen. Tom Harkin indicated that Abbott detected the insect contamination Sept. 16.

    “Despite a long history of recalls of their infant formulas and knowledge that Similac is widely used by individual consumers and medical institutions throughout the country, defendants waited nearly an entire week before informing the public of the contamination and attendant health risks,” the suit said.

    Samantha Knipe, a Georgia resident, said she unknowingly fed contaminated Similac Advance and Similac Go and Grow Soy formula to her daughter, Rachel. The girl began spitting up or vomiting every time she ate, the suit said.

    “I was devastated, angry, sad and sick at the same time. I trusted this company with the health of my child, and they were feeding her bugs,” Knipe said in the suit.

    Other plaintiffs from across the country said their children suffered similar symptoms. Some also suffered from diarrhea and rashes. 

    The suit also said that the Michigan facility where the recalled products were manufactured has a long history of beetle infestation.

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