• Parents outraged over 'Po Pimp' assignment


    NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - Local parents told Channel 2 Action News they were upset when their fourth-grader came home with a work sheet that included the words "Po Pimp."
    Rapper Twista’s song, made nearly 20 years ago, is causing a stir in a local school system. Scott Tolleson went to the Newton County School Board this week after his fourth-grade son posed an unusual question.
    "What is po pimp? Try to explain to a fourth-grader what po pimp is," said Tolleson.
    He says his son came home with a language arts assignment about sentence structure; in it is a passage about the rapper Twista and how he broke out thanks to the song.
    Tolleson says he looked up the lyrics to the song.
    "It was very upsetting to my family when we saw this. My wife was left in tears at the kitchen table," Tolleson said.
    Channel 2’s Carl Willis spoke to local parents, including Christy Peeples.
    "I can kind of see where it would upset a lot of parents actually," said Peeples.
    "It's just something you just have to explain to him, you know,” said another parent, Calvin Grier.
    In a statement, Newton County Schools Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey said:
    "We take great care to review documents selected by our curriculum teams. Unfortunately we missed this item.”

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