Overgrown tree limbs pose hazard for traffic signs

Drivers concerned about trees hanging over road signs

ATLANTA — The city of Atlanta told Channel 2 Action News it plans to address concerns over tree limbs blocking traffic signs after drivers complained it was a safety hazard.

Shayne Adams told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri he got a ticket on Memorial Drive in southeast Atlanta for driving 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour school zone. Normally, the posted limit is 35 miles per hour, but Adams said he couldn’t see the posted school zone sign because it was blocked by overgrown tree limbs.

“Something’s going to happen worse than somebody getting a ticket,” Adams said. “That’s my bigger concern.”

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Adams said an officer pulled him over as soon as he passed the sign.

“Before I even knew the sign was there and lit, I already owed them $200,” he explained.

Another concern for Adams is the large overhanging branches that span the road and in some cases block signals for reversible lanes.

“You can’t even see it through these trees right here and if someone doesn’t have a clear indicator he’s not supposed to be in that lane then you get hit head on,” he said.

“Just cause(s) a lot of confusion, it also creates a problem, it’s a hazard,” said driver Markus Dorsey who frequently travels that stretch of Memorial Drive.

Viteri reached out to the Department of Public Works which sent a crew to look at the area. A spokesperson sent a statement a short time later saying in part:

If the overgrowth is within the public right-of-way and it is on a city street, Public Works would handle. GDOT handles state routes. We have scheduled a Public Works crew to address this location on Tuesday, May 13.

“The message really is 'public safety.' Make it to where the public can see the signs and abide by them,” Adams said.