Nurses help rescue burn patient's grape harvest after accident

The owner's wife said she is grateful for the incredible gesture.

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — “We had a bumper crop this year," Carolyn Walker said.

Walker says one of her husband’s greatest loves -- after her, of course -- is his Paulding County vineyard

"(It has been) his passion for years. He's done it since the '60s,“ Walker said.

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Jack Walker grows grapes and makes wine.

But back in July, in the building where he bottles it, there was an accident.

“He went to light the range.  And when it clicked, you know how a gas range clicks. It blew,” Walker said.

Jack suffered burns over 40% of his body. He’s been in the hospital for three months.

Thankfully, Walker says he’s doing much better.  But rows and rows of muscadines were in danger of dying on the vine.

"Miss Carolyn has kind of become our adopted grandma,” Carley Burleson said.

Burleson is one of the nurses in the burn unit at Wellstar Cobb Hospital where Jack is being treated. When she and her colleagues heard about the vineyard, they told Walker they’d help harvest the grapes.

“Oh, it was hot, first of all, haha. There were a lot of bees and a lot of bugs," Burleson said.

The ladies picked more than 60 gallons of muscadines. When the winemaker is back on his feet,  they’ll be ready for him.

"There's no words. I tell them every time I see them how grateful I am for what they did and how thoughtful they are,” Carolyn Walker said.

Walker says Jack will be home for Christmas, maybe even by Thanksgiving.