Gunman arrested after shooting, SWAT standoff

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Johns Creek man said he and his mother had just gotten into an Uber when a man pulled up and pointed an assault rifle at them.

Channel 2's Berndt Petersen found out the frightening moment didn't end there.

Easton Clark said his home was riddled with bullets and his mother was hit by flying glass.

Clark and his mother Cynthia were getting a ride to a doctor's office when their very lives where suddenly on the line.


"He pulls out what looks like a big assault rifle. Pointed it at the Uber car with me and my mom in the back seat. We're laying down in the back seat," Clark said.

Johns Creek police said Brandon Jones, 22, was apparently trying to collect a debt. Clark said he and his mom were jerked out of the Uber, they retreated to their house and seconds later, the suspect starting shooting.

"That's when he started firing at the house. Me and her were right behind this door. It easily could have hit either one of us," Clark said.

Clark counted four shots in all. There are bullet holes on the inside and outside of the house.

Within minutes, the Alpharetta Police Department's SWAT team swarmed the neighborhood trying to track the suspect down.

"We have to seal off a significant perimeter, which takes a lot of manpower," Officer George Gordon with Alpharetta police told Petersen.

They caught up to Jones a few blocks over where police say he surrendered.

Back at the victim's home, Clark said he has known the suspect since they were kids and said it's true he borrowed some money -- very little money.

"Just these past three weeks he's been like, ‘I'm going to need that 30 dollars.’  It was over 30 dollars," Clark told Petersen.

Police said Jones is charged with aggravated assault and there was another man in the car with him who also faces charges.