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Thief caught on camera stealing from family with critically injured son

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A Sandy Springs mother says she was victimized by a crook while she sat by her injured son's hospital bed.

The family’s home surveillance system caught video of the thief stealing packages off their front porch.

Investigators are reviewing the video to try and figure out who the thief is.

Inside some of the packages was food people had sent the family so they could spend as much time as possible by the son’s bedside.

The 14-year-old has spent several days in the intensive care unit after being hit by a car.


"Last Friday night, my son was out playing football with some friends in the front of the neighborhood, and he ran across the street, ran across High Point Road, and he was hit by an oncoming car," the boy’s mother said, asking not to be identified. "He suffered from a concussion, a broken collarbone, broken scapula, broken fibula and ankle."

Since the crash, the teen's mother told Channel 2's Michael Seiden that she's been by her son's side,
supporting him as he continues to recover.

"We had the whole community there praying for us, bringing us meals and really unbelievable support," the mother said.

But just two days ago, in broad daylight, a thief showed up to their home.

“We had about five or six packages stolen from our front steps,” the mother said.

The family’s home surveillance system caught video of a dark sedan stopping in front of their home.

Then someone gets out and heads straight for the porch, snatching as many packages as possible.

“It’s just disgusting,” the mother said. “People are there for us at a time of tragedy and a time of need, and they just can’t believe that someone would kick you while you're down.”

Now she's hoping someone will recognize the crook and get them off the streets.

As for her son, the mother said he has since returned home to recover from his injuries.

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