Local company says its tool could prevent school shootings

The tool sets off an alarm when someone other than the owner touches it.

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A local company says it has a new gun tool which could prevent school shootings, teen suicides and accidental shootings.

Channel 2 Anchor Craig Lucie met with the Alpharetta-based company called Vypin. They make tracking devices for food transportation companies, but soon realized their device could be used in a totally different way. A way they say could save thousands of lives.

“I’m telling you, I think we can change the world,” said Brian Robbins.

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Brian Robbins told Lucie he’s never been so excited to work on a tiny device called the SafeTstrap. He says it could make schools and homes safer for our youth.

“I think we can absolutely cut down on the thousands that die a year from school shootings, teen suicides and accidental shootings that come from the home,” said Robbins.

Robbins works for Vypin, and he says the SafeTstrap works just like a gun lock, but its way more technical than that.

“A gun owner will know right away if it’s been moved, if it’s been cut or taken a hammer to,” said Robbins.

Two things happen then if someone touches the firearm other than the owner.

“They will hear a siren in the house and mom and dad at work will know in a matter of seconds that someone has been messing with the gun,” said Robbins.


The push alerts and texts messages ping your cell phone. The SafeTstrap cost $50 and the Bluetooth box that triggers the alarm cost another $50. Vypin employees say they are talking to local law enforcement agencies, school districts and child safety organizations all over the country to get them in as many homes as possible since we hear about school shootings nearly every week.

“It’s wildly frustrating,” said Robbins.

In the latest shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, authorities say the alleged gunman used his father’s guns.

“I’m the husband of a teacher, and I’m getting text messages about how horrifying things are and how scary it is. I’m sitting here in Alpharetta, and we have a solution,” said Robbins.