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Channel 2 obtains new details in bizarre LeSean McCoy investigation

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — NFL superstar LeSean McCoy told Milton police he was concerned his ex-girlfriend might make false allegations of domestic abuse against him, according to incident reports obtained by Channel 2 Action News.

Nearly a year later, a friend of ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, posted a picture of Cordon’s battered face, the result of a home invasion attack, and accused McCoy of domestic violence.

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The posted accusations went viral and have resulted in investigations by both the NFL and McCoy’s team, the Buffalo Bills.

McCoy has vehemently denied what he calls the "baseless and offensive" accusations.

According to incident reports obtained by Channel 2's Mike Petchenik, Cordon called the police July 3, 2017, after she and McCoy got into an argument about him removing her clothes and other items from the Hickory Pass home where they lived together for the past two years.

Court documents show McCoy is attempting to evict Cordon from the home. The two were to appear in court Tuesday for an eviction hearing.

When officers arrived at the home in 2017, they met McCoy on his driveway:

“He stated that he and his girlfriend, Cordon, broke up and have been having issues recently,” the report said. “He stated that his girlfriend followed him to Las Vegas and that she began accusing him of cheating on her.”

McCoy told officers Cordon had posted the cheating allegations on social media and he was concerned she’d take it further.

“McCoy was very concerned that Cordon may try to take things or make false accusations about him,” the report said. “He stated he is trying to be very careful about being around her given the climate of domestic abuse in his profession.”


On Tuesday morning, Milton police said a lone intruder attacked Cordon and another woman inside the home while McCoy was in Miami.

Milton police are still investigating the incident and have not named any suspects. The attack left Cordon hospitalized.

Her attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, claims the attacker demanded specific items of jewelry that McCoy had previously gifted her.

Graham told Petchenik Thursday her client has never made any accusations of domestic violence against McCoy and that she couldn’t speak to what the friend had posted on Instagram.

According to the incident report from 2017, McCoy told police about the jewelry in question.

“He went on to advise us that jewelers often times loan them high end jewelry and items to wear for events,” the report said. “He stated that Cordon had some of these jewelry items and had not returned them. He stated he has asked her multiple times for them, but she has not returned them.”

Graham told Petchenik Thursday that McCoy had “gifted” that jewelry to Cordon in 2016.

Records show police responded to McCoy’s home two other times.

In April, records show Cordon called 911 to report a domestic dispute.

“Dispatch advised the callers had worked it out, but it sounded a little heated over the phone,” the report said, so officers visited the home.

When officers questioned both McCoy and Cordon separately, the report says they told officers “they had worked everything out and at no time did their argument become physical.”

On June 1, another incident report shows Cordon called police to report she could see a truck outside the home via her Ring doorbell camera and that men were removing her furniture from the home.

When officers arrived, the report said they met McCoy’s mother, who advised they were taking some his items out of the house so that McCoy wouldn’t “have to deal with Delicia.”

Legal analyst Esther Panitch told Petchenik the previous police reports raise more questions.

“Ms. Cordon has a documented history of calling the police over non-life-threatening matters. This documentation, combined with the timing of the eviction hearing and the alleged assault, only adds more questions as to motive,” she said. “Notwithstanding any of these concerns, true victims of violence need to be heard.”