• Parents arrested for giving teen daughter, friends alcohol at movie theater, police say

    By: Nicole Carr


    ATLANTA - A Brookhaven woman, her ex-husband, and young adult son are facing charges tied to buying, serving and allowing underage girls to drink alcohol during a recent movie theater showing of an animated film.

    The incident ended in a public, profanity-laced arrest as an officer began to issue the young girls breathalyzer tests.

    Management at Brookhaven’s CineBistro called police early Sunday evening after they say a group of

    Parents arrested for giving teen daughter, friends alcohol at movie theater
    Parents arrested for giving teen daughter, friends alcohol at movie theater
    underage girls tried to purchase alcohol at the dine-in theater. They were headed into 'The Incredibles 2' movie with their family.

    When management asked for IDs, the girls said they didn’t have them but their parents could vouch for their ages, according to a police report.

    When the parents were unable to convince the theater that the girls were of drinking age, management told police they purchased a pitcher of beer on their own.

    Brookhaven Police responded to the complaint, after management told them they could see the girls being served the alcohol on surveillance.

    When police arrived, body camera footage shows them asking Linda Whitmore-Ash, 45, to step out of the theater. Her 53-year-old ex-husband came out of a theater bathroom, as the pair told police some of the girls were older, and the kids had not been drinking.

    “You’re all crazy- Come on,” the mother says as she pushes past the 15-year-old to get to her 13-year-old daughter.

    "I’d lock her up too,” an officer says, motioning toward Whitmore-Ash.

    “Me?” she asks in disbelief.“For what?”
    “She just admitted to drinking, Ms. Ash,” the officer says.

    “I just had a sip and that’s it!” The 15-year-old replies.

    “You did what?” Whitmore-Ash yells.

    “My daughters that are underage, that are not 21, are not drinking alcohol,” Whitmore-Ash tells police. “We’re going to get our money back and then we’re suing the Police Department.” she later says.


    But all four girls, including a family friend, are between 13 and 15 years old, according to a police report and their own admission to officers. When another officer showed up with a breathalyzer unit, the pair’s story begaan to unravel.

    “No, cause you are getting against my rights! This child has not been drinking! Arrest me!” Ash is seen yelling at police as they prepare to start breathalyzer tests.

    The man and his ex-wife encouraged their 13-year-old daughter to step up and take the test first.

    Parents arrested for giving teen daughter, friends alcohol at movie theater
    Parents arrested for giving teen daughter, friends alcohol at movie theater

    “If this child comes up clean, I want you to stop this immediately!” the man yells.

    The child did read a negative test, but as police moved to continue issuing the breathalyzers to the remaining teens, Ash began yelling for everyone to leave the theater hallway.

    “Go, go, go, go now!” he yelled. “Go!”

    Whitmore-Ash, her son and two girls left, but the 13-year-old and a 15-year-old stayed behind. The teenage family friend can be seen covering her face, shaking her head and saying “Oh my God” as Ash is hauled off in handcuffs.

    “Mother (expletive)!” he yelled at police, as he’s taken from the theater.

    The 15-year-old girl admitted to police that she had a sip of beer before taking a positive breathalyzer test.

    Moments later, Whitmore-Ash returned to get the two girls, when police arrested her.

    Police say the remaining teens were found at Whitmore-Ash’s mother’s home in Brookhaven, where they also admitted to drinking later in the evening.

    “Parents may choose to raise their children as they see fit inside the privacy of their own homes, however when you’re in public in a business such as this you are held accountable to the laws of our society,” said Major Brandon Gurley.

    Ash, Whitmore-Ash and Whitmore all face charges to include Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Ash faces a Disorderly Conduct charge, and he and his ex-wife are both charged with obstruction of officers.

    Police say Whitmore, 23, is seen pouring the beer for the teens inside the theater. He also faces a Furnish Alcoholic Beverage to a Person Under 21 charge.

    All three bonded out at different times Monday. Channel 2 Action News stopped by each adult’s home, left phone messages and handwritten notes, but none have responded to requests for comment.

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