Several students involved in another sexting scandal at local high school

ROSWELL, Ga. — Several students are involved in a sexting scandal at a metro Atlanta-area high school, according to police.

Investigators told Channel 2's Tom Regan they have obtained warrants to search an online account used in the scandal.

Roswell High School officials said the whole thing happened off campus but it's alarming nonetheless to many students and parents.

“Kids these days don’t take these things seriously, but it's a serious matter, I think,” parent Brian Freestone said.

District officials said several students at the school have been disciplined for sharing or accessing inappropriate pictures of other female students.


The explicit images were stored and shared using Dropbox, a digital file sharing platform.

School officials tried to access the account but discovered it had been disabled.

“These kids sometimes make poor choices in doing inappropriate things," criminal defense attorney Bill Swank said.

Swank told Regan that he has handled many cases involving teens and said many don't know that regardless of age, someone sending or receiving sexually explicit photos of a minor could be charged with child pornography.

“It's very serious, a serious felony,” Swank said. “They think that anything that might be on their phone is private or something they send to someone is private, but it's bouncing around the internet."

Roswell police are searching to find out who first sent out the pictures, and how many students received and shared them.

“I think that's crazy and disrespectful to the girls,” student Evan Smith said.

School officials told Regan they're not sure if the compromising pictures are of former or current students.

Swank said it's important for parents to warn their kids this is something that could have serious consequences.

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