New traffic pattern planned for busy intersection in Peachtree City has some drivers concerned

ATLANTA — Some drivers say it may take them a while to figure out a planned new traffic pattern at an extremely congested intersection.

The Georgia Department of Transportation says its new Displaced Left Turn traffic pattern at the intersection of Highway 74 and Highway 54 in Peachtree City should help ease congestion and get traffic moving smoothly.

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Channel 2′s Tom Jones showed drivers who use the intersection an animation that the DOT produced to show how it will work.

Some found it intimidating.

“Oh wow,” said 16-year-old Addison Rogers after taking a look.

She said many of her high school classmates use the intersection and may find the new pattern challenging. Rogers says it may take her a while to get used to it.

“Cause I’ve only driven on the interstate once and that looks a little scarier than the interstate,” she said.

Anybody who’s traveled through the intersection knows how busy it can get.

“It does get really bad. Especially around rush hour...3,4,5 o’clock. It gets real congested,” Ty Kopca pointed out.

The DOT hopes its Displaced Left Turn lane project will change all that.

Drivers turning left in the south and northbound lanes on Highway 74, or Joel Cowan Parkway, will no longer do so at the intersection. They will have a dedicated lane before then.

Cars will then proceed towards the intersection.

“And then you’ll cut across the other side of oncoming traffic because they will be stopped. The lights will be signalized,” said Gina L. Snider with the DOT.

The left turners will proceed to join the main traffic lane.

People who were shown the animation were a little concerned.

“Just seeing that I think it’s going to be...I think it’s going to be pretty confusing,” Kopca said.

Others say let’s give it a chance.

“It seems a little involved but if it will make it better then yeah,” Kristen Pack said.

Then drivers are getting antsy that the project could take 30 months to complete.

“That’s a long time and it’s already really bad so I can’t imagine it getting worse,” Lauren Fraser said.


Peachtree City and the DOT will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 at Evergreen Church. That’s at 400 Windgate Road.

You have to sign up to attend.

At last check, 150 people have signed up and 25 have signed up to speak on this issue.

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