New video released of deadly car crash into Piedmont Hospital

ATLANTA — Attorneys for a survivor of a deadly car crash into Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital have released stunning new video of the accident

The incident happened in June when a woman in her 70s was bringing herself to the hospital for an appointment at the facility on 1968 Peachtree Road.

Authorities say the woman lost control of her car, hit another car and then drove through the glass entrance into the emergency room waiting area.

Police say she hit at least two people in the front part of the building and then “bumped” several others.

A 55-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The others suffered non life-threatening injuries.

[Victim identified after car crashes into Piedmont Hospital’s emergency room]

The new video shows the car first striking another car in front of the lobby, then continuing inside the building. Workers can be seen running out of the way of the incoming car inside the waiting area.

When the car finally came to a rest, workers rushed in to help the injured people.

One of the survivors of the crash held a news conference Tuesday to talk about her injuries. Kai Bailey broke both hips and her pelvis after she was pinned underneath the hospital’s crushed glass doors She was recently released after spending 30 days in a rehabilitation facility where she had to relearn how to walk.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington was at the hospital, where Bailey is blaming both the driver and the hospital. The driver, Mary Clayton, was never charged.

Bailey walked Washington through the harrowing moments of the accident.

“Once I got up to run into the entrance of the hospital, that is when Mrs. Clayton gunned and hit me on the right side,” Bailey said.

Bailey and her attorney want to know why Clayton was never charged.

“I’m just wondering how do you drive through a hospital, critically injure me, kill one person, but yet you’re allowed to be home, living your life?” Bailey said. “Every day is a struggle for that family. Every day is a struggle for me and my family.”

Bailey and her attorney, Jane Lamberti, also say the hospital failed to install safety posts at the front of the emergency room.

“Secured posts that provide a secured space between pedestrians and an ER and car traffic going through,” Lamberti said. “If you look at the video, Piedmont does not have any of these security bollards or posts.”

As Bailey and her attorney weigh out their next legal options, Bailey has this question to the driver, who she said never reached out to her.

“I just need her to look at me and see that my life has changed,” Bailey said. “I’m glad to be here, but my life has changed. But do you feel any type of remorse or anything?”

Washington reached out to Atlanta police to see why the driver wasn’t charged. They said the investigation is still ongoing.

Piedmont Hospital said, " We do not comment on any pending claims or investigations as a matter of policy.”