• Mystery sinkholes threaten SE Atlanta home


    ATLANTA - A southeast Atlanta homeowner is worried after five sinkholes formed in her backyard.

    Lori Woroschuk, a former WSB employee, said the sinkholes began forming on Saturday, but continue to grow. Neither she nor the city knows what is causing them.

    “I’m worried for my property. I’m worried for my animals. I’m worried because I don’t have a clue as to what’s causing it,” Woroschuk said.

    The sinkholes seem to form a perimeter around a depression area, and Woroschuk fears the entire area will soon collapse.

    City workers have visited twice, but are not sure what is causing the sinkholes.

    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas attached a camera to a small pole, only to find that the hole goes much deeper than they can reach.

    “My garage is not too far away. Thankfully, the garage is before the house,” Woroschuk said.

    A city watershed department worker said it is not a broken sewer pipe, but there could be a broken storm water line.

    Woroschuk concedes it could be unrelated to any city lines or work. She said she has been unable to find a contractor to come out to work on repairs.

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    Mystery sinkholes threaten SE Atlanta home