• Mystery of 'Creepy' Light Spotted in Window of Abandoned New Orleans Hospital Solved

    By: ABC News


    NEW ORLEANS, La. - Photos of a mysterious light spotted inside the window of a dark, abandoned New Orleans hospital have gone viral on Facebook after catching the attention of employees at Tulane Medical Center across the street.

    The photographs show a single glowing window among a sea of other darkened, broken windows at Charity Hospital, formerly part of Louisiana University Health Services. The hospital went defunct in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit the state.

    Tulane anesthesiology technician Michael Arbon told ABC News that he took photos of the light around 5:30 a.m. today after seeing other employees' photos circulating on Facebook.

    "It was pretty neat but also a little creepy," Arbon said. "To me, and to the other lady who posted photos on Facebook, it looked like a nice, little Christmas tree in the dark, abandoned building."

    Like Arbon, thousands on Facebook shared the photos believing the light was coming from a mysterious Christmas tree in the window. However, an urban explorer on Instagram discovered this was not the case.

    <blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-version="6" ><div > <div > <div ></div></div> <p > <a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/_3V5GWvPNB/" target="_blank">Edit: someone is taking credit for sneaking in and putting a tree in this room, can&#39;t personally confirm. . A photo of the outside of this room is going viral and people think these lights are a ghost Christmas tree. The only thing scary about this is how much the City of NOLA spends to keep the power on.</a></p> <p >A photo posted by Simi (@theshortestsim) on <time datetime="2015-12-29T05:54:23+00:00">Dec 28, 2015 at 9:54pm PST</time></p></div></blockquote><script async defer src="//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js"></script>

    LSU police went inside the vacant building and removed what turned out to be 2-by-4-foot wooden boards wrapped with lights, according to LSU director of information services Leslie Capo.

    Capo said police were treating the incident as a break-in.

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