• 'Murder Kroger' seeks new name after renovation


    ATLANTA - The Atlanta Beltline is bringing in more than new businesses, it is revitalizing stores that have seen problems in the past.
    One of those is the Kroger on Ponce de Leon Avenue – commonly referred to as “Murder Kroger.”
    On Wednesday, the store announced its official comeback as “Beltline Kroger.”
    Kroger invested several million dollars in revamping the store – raising ceilings and adding more healthy food.
    Outside, the store planted 60 trees and repaved the parking lot.
    To appeal to potential shoppers along the Beltline trail, the Kroger has a bike station and repair area, as well as murals painted by art students.
    It’s all a big change for a store that opened in 1986 and for years has had a reputation Kroger wants to put behind it.

    The history of the nickname can be traced to a 1991 murder. According to Channel 2 Action News archives, 25-year-old Cynthia Prayer-Lou was shot and killed in the store’s parking lot.
    The report at the time said a motorist bumped her with his car, and she sprayed him with mace. The man then drove back to where she was and shot her in the chest. 

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