• Mother drives up to crash scene not knowing her son was victim

    By: Justin Wilfon


    A local mother reached out to Channel 2 Action News to share her story. She drove up on a car crash involving her son and held his hand before he died. 

    “I had his hand, and I said, 'Andre, hold on, please hold on,'" Robin Le-Hanefi said.

    Le-Hanefi told Channel 2's Justin Wilfon she drove up on her son’s car accident just moments after it happened.  


    On Thursday night, Le-Hanefi shared photos of happier times in the life of her son, Andre Johnson.

    “My son was a lovable person," she said.

    On the night of Nov. 16 in the city of South Fulton, she spotted her son driving past her on Old National Highway.

    “He drives ahead of me with the flow of traffic," she explained.

    Just moments later, Le-Hanefi said she saw something alarming up ahead of her.

    “It was just a cloud of smoke," she said.

    Then, after driving closer, she saw her son’s mangled Jeep and her son, apparently ejected from the car, lying next to it.

    The police report said Johnson lost control for some reason and crashed into a large pole, visible in pictures.

    “I just ran in the road and I was just screaming, telling somebody to wave them down, and then some people came and they stopped. And I said, 'My son, my son is in the accident,'" she said.

    An ambulance took the 27-year-old Johnson to the hospital, but not in time to save his life.

    Le-Hanefi believes another car may have caused her son to go off the highway. Now, she wants South Fulton police to further investigate what really happened to her son.

    “God put all his angels around him to let him know to get down to the bottom of this," she said.

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