• Massive tree crushes SUV, damages NE Atlanta home


    ATLANTA - A fallen tree totaled an SUV and damaged a home overnight after a day of steady rain.

    Pieces of the tree are scattered everywhere at a home on Myrtle Street in northeast Atlanta. The massive tree covers the entire front lawn of the home.

    The homeowner told Channel 2’s Amanda Cook she had just returned home when she heard a rumbling sound. She said the tree came crashing down outside, crushing her SUV and damaging her home.

    “We looked up in the attic, there are holes in the roof. The main joist is broken in half, and all this rubbish. This is crazy,” homeowner Amy Houtchens said.

    The tree fell sideways across the lawn, narrowly missing most of the house.

    Houtchens said the tree belonged to her neighbor, and she had been worried about rotting trees near her home for years.

    “There are some damaged trees in the back I’ve had condemned by an arborist. They condemned it four years ago, and it’s not been removed,” Houtchens said.

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    Massive tree crushes SUV, damages NE Atlanta home