MARTA bus driver hailed as hero for stopping an attack on a woman

ATLANTA — Passengers are calling a MARTA bus driver a hero after he jumped off his bus and stopped a man who was stabbing a woman using a walker.

The attack happened on Sunday morning.

MARTA bus driver Winston Douglas grabbed a stick out of a yard and began beating the woman's attacker. That stopped the attack and saved the woman's life.

June Jarrett, a passenger on the bus, said it looked like a scene from a horror movie.

"I'm screaming him to stop, saying, 'You're going to kill her.' And he looks up at me and just continues to stab her," Jarrett said.

The victim, Terri Bradley, 63, survived the attack.

Jarrett said Winston Douglas grabbed a stick and beat Gerald Jones, 20, until he stopped stabbing Bradley. She said Douglas chased Jones when he ran away.

Montez Daughtery saw what was going on and helped Douglas subdue Jones.


"We hog-tied him with an extension cord a bystander who was driving down the road threw to us," Daughtery said.

Jones was arrested.

Jarrett said Bradley told her she had no idea why Jones attacked her.

"I said, 'Did you do anything to him to cause this?' She said, 'No, he was just following me.'"

Everybody involved credits Douglas with saving the woman's life.

"He was going to kill her. He would have killed her if it had not been for him," Jarrett said.

Bradley has undergone surgery and is in the intensive care unit.

Police said Jones told them he wanted to kill the woman and said he has violent tendencies.