• Many complain about smelly tap water in Douglas County

    By: Kristen Holloway


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - If you're in Douglas County, there's a good chance you're waking up to some strange smells coming out of your faucet.

    Many of you even reached out to Channel 2 Action News saying the water tastes like dirt.

    Water sewer authority told Channel 2’s Kristen Holloway they’ve gotten the most complaints from Bill Arp and Highway 5. 

    More than 100 people commented and complained on a Facebook post about how their water smelled, and many said it tasted like dirt.

    Douglasville Douglas County Water and Sewer said the complaints started coming in over the weekend.

    Holloway learned that WSA has technicians out flushing lines through fire hydrants and even though the water may smell or taste funny, she’s told it’s safe.

    “The water quality is fine, there’s nothing wrong with the water. This is basically an aesthetics issue.

    The water is safe health to use, you can consume it, you can use it for cooking and cleaning,” said WSA spokesperson Lyndsey Sargent.

    Sargent said the cause of the smelly water may be due to the recent rainfall.

    “Our water lab and water techs kind of looked at the rainfall from last week. We had really high rainfalls last week and it looks like that has stirred up some organic matter in the reservoir so when that organic matter is stirred up, that’s when you get that earthy taste,” Sargent said.

    Sargent said it could take a few days to get that dirt taste and bad odor completely out of the system.

    WSA also noted that residents might notice their water pressure dropping a bit during the flushing.  

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