Man stayed in restaurant while leashed dog died outside on hot sidewalk, police say

NEWNAN, Ga. — A dog owner is accused of leaving his dog tied up outside a coffee shop in the heat and despite people who tried to help, the animal died.

Animal control officers told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen they had a previous encounter with the man.

They had warned him earlier in the day not to leave his dog out in the heat, authorities said.

Witnesses told Pozen they were putting water in a dog bowl to try and hydrate the dog who was tied by the door of the coffee shop.

All this happened while the owner, Jon Schuck, stayed inside, police said.

Kelly McKay said she and a co-worker were walking past the Leaf & Bean -- a coffee shop on Court Square -- on Tuesday when she saw the dog in distress.


“It was suffering so terribly and to see that -- it was awful. It was so awful,” McKay said. “The people who were working at the coffee shop were already out there putting ice on the dog, putting water on the dog, trying their best. It was very obvious at that point that the dog was not doing well.”

Inside the coffee shop sat Schuck, according to police.

“There was a huge crowd and people were running in and telling him,” McKay said.

About 30 minutes before, Leaf & Bean barista Justin Young said the man asked him for water for his dog.

“He kind of hung around the back in the shop, got an odd drink that wasn’t on the menu, but we made it for him and then he came back a bit later and got some more water for his dog,” Young said.

Investigators said Schuck told them the dog collapsed outside a Mexican restaurant about a block away from the coffee shop and he carried the dog around until he got to Leaf & Bean and left it outside.

“I don’t think he knew the extent that the dog was suffering, left him outside while everyone else took the rains and tried to take care of it. he was sitting at a table having a drink,” Young said.

Schuck was taken to Coweta County Jail on charges of animal cruelty. He was later released on $325 bond.

His dog was taken to the Auburn University Veterinary Science Division for a necropsy.

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HAPPENING NOW: Police are speaking after a man was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly tying his dog up, leaving it on hot sidewalk to die: https://2wsb.tv/2y2j5JE

Posted by WSB-TV on Thursday, October 4, 2018