Man shot to death outside Atlanta church was found by his own son

ATLANTA — Police are looking for a murder suspect who shot and killed a father walking by a church.

Bullets shattered a window of a church between Peachtree and West Peachtree streets.

They found a man in his 40s shot in the head, dead on the sidewalk.

The victim’s son was the one who ran to a nearby business to call police after the shooting.

“We know that his son did call 911 for help and we did speak with his son,” Atlanta police Lt. Andrea Webster said.

Homicide investigators say the son doesn’t know why his dad was shot and killed.


Atlanta police homicide detectives returned to the scene Tuesday morning, where bullets had gone through a window and into the church.

Witnesses told Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach they heard approximately five gunshots around 9:15 p.m. Monday.

They say there was some type of argument, possibly over a woman, that started in front of an apartment building, and then moved across Peachtree Street in front of the church.

Investigators think the shooter was firing from a car as it drove down the narrow Porter Place next to the building.

Police were talking to potential witnesses to help identify a suspect.

“I didn’t see the car. I didn’t see what type of car it was. Everybody noticed it after the gunshots. No one was paying attention too much,” Joseph Beckles said.

With so many hotels in the immediate area, Gehlbach asked if the victim was in the area visiting.

“The son has not explained what happened. We don’t believe the victim is a tourist at this point,” Webster said. “We’re still trying to gather information and speak with anyone who may have seen anything.”

The road where the man was murdered separates the First United Methodist Church and a parking lot, where investigators were looking for any witnesses.

“We’re still trying to gather information and speak with anyone who may have seen anything.”

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