• Man says UPS driver gave him noose


    ATLANTA - UPS says they are investigating one of their drivers after a man says he handed him a makeshift noose during an office delivery.
    David Mitchell says part of his job is receiving packages as they come in. He says the driver acted strangely when they first encountered each other and then he says it escalated to a point where the driver tied a makeshift noose in front of him with packing material and handed it to him
    “I go pick up and this is what he made in front of me and handed to me. Signifying a noose. A makeshift noose,” Mitchell says.
    As Mitchell held this makeshift noose up, he started to get emotional thinking about his immediate reaction when a co-worker asked what happened between him and a white UPS driver.
    “I said, ‘I'm trying to be all right you won't believe what just occurred,’” Mitchell says.
    What occurred is something Mitchell will never forget. He says after the driver shoved boxes in his chest, he used the packing material and quickly tied a knot.
    Channel 2’s Craig Lucie contacted UPS about this driver. They won't release his name, but they released a statement.
    "It is under investigation, and we are taking this very seriously. We have met with the customer, and there is nothing more to share since it's still being investigated," the statement read.
    The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office has assigned a detective to the case.
    Mitchell says the driver's anger toward him grew this past month after they first crossed paths in the loading dock area.
    “He refused to give me the package to deliver and I said, ‘I work here.’ Use key card open the door,” Mitchell says.
    He says UPS told him they reassigned the driver to another route, but he wants to see a harsh punishment.
    “They said it's a ‘he-said-she-said.’ I don't go to work with makeshift nooses in my back pocket,” Mitchell says.
    Mitchell says he is worried that the driver could retaliate since he knows where he works.

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