Man in critical condition after family says he was run over by police officer

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A 39-year-old man is in critical condition after his family says he was run over by a police officer on Sunday night.

It happened on Washington Road near Dobbs Way.

"He was screaming. He couldn't breathe," said Angelica White, the victim's girlfriend.

White told Channel 2's Tom Jones that she and the victim, Demarco Person, had been involved in an incident with another car. She said they pursued that car and hit a utility pole.


East Point police said they were involved an accident with another car and they left the scene.

An officer stopped their car and asked Person to get out. Police said that's when another officer accidentally hit him with his patrol car.

The incident unfolded right in front of the victim's 10-year-old daughter, who was a passenger in the car.

Police told Jones the incident was an accident but did not say if the officer who hit Person is on leave or if an internal investigation is underway.

"It's devastating. I wouldn't wish this upon no parent," said Person's mother, Bridgette McDonald.

McDonald said Person has a fractured pelvis, other broken bones and internal bleeding and he will need facial reconstruction surgery.

"It's hard for me right now. I'm trying to be strong. It's hard to go in the hospital and see my son laying there and I still can't talk to him," McDonald said.

McDonald said no one from the East Point Police Department has told her exactly what happened.