• Man admits stabbing 66-year-old woman in Dacula


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators say a man admitted killing a woman who was dropping off his child because the mother was afraid to make the custody exchange.

    Wolf Griffin had a preliminary court hearing Wednesday in Gwinnett County. He's accused of stabbing to death 62-year-old Peggie Robinson.

    Police found her body in December in a car at a house in Dacula.

    A detective described the crime scene as gruesome.

    Neighbor, Jeremiah Vantroostenberghe, said he unknowingly stepped into the middle of a murder mystery after his friend Griffin called him over to do work on the car. He told police Griffin admitted to him that he killed the woman.

    Vantroostenberghe said he helped Griffin push the broken down car into the garage and that's when the woman's body fell out. He said he couldn't tell how she died.

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