• The low cost gadgets available to help keep phone out of hands while driving

    By: Clark Howard


    ATLANTA - The distracted driving law goes into effect on Sunday in Georgia, and Channel 2’s consumer adviser Clark Howard says there are low cost gadgets that will keep your phone out of your hands.

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    "An average car weighs a little over a ton. You have something that isn’t paying any attention that is essentially a 1-ton weapon being driven by people who might not be paying attention," avid biker Zachary Lancaster said in response to distracted drivers.


    After doing a quick, online search, Channel 2 Action News found car mounts for as little as $4.

    Some drivers feel if they have an older car, they have to buy a newer one for the Bluetooth feature. Howard advises that drivers can buy a Bluetooth device to add to the visor inside the car, typically for $15 to $40, depending on the quality.

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