• Lane closures on 285-400 interchange could create congestion for commute

    By: Alyssa Hyman


    ATLANTA - If you're someone who takes Interstate 285 West to Georgia State Route 400 at night or early in the morning, expect to see lane closures on one of the busiest interchanges in metro Atlanta.

    It's all part of Georgia Department of Transportation's multimillion dollar improvement project to reduce traffic and enhance safety at the 285-400 interchange.

    The detour will be temporary and just at night, but it could certainly create confusion and congestion for people's commute.

    "It's a nightmare. It's a nightmare," Lyft driver Laticia Mayle told Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman. "Seriously it is out of control, like the holdup is ridiculous."

    Mayle said her Lyft trips are about to get even more chaotic.

    "I hope its going to be worth it. That's all I can say right," Mayle said.

    Starting Wednesday night, anyone trying to get to Georgia 400 from 285 West is going to have to take a detour all the way to Roswell Road.


    It will only last through Saturday and the ramp closure is only overnight from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. But Mayle said she'll still feel pain.

    "It's going to impact my gas, yes. It really is though," Mayle said.

    Construction on a temporary ramp is the reason for the closures.

    This past weekend, GDOT closed down a connector distributor lane on 400 and that'll last through mid-2020.

    "It takes two hours in the morning, 35 minutes in the evening," David Schumm said.

    Schumm commutes from Dacula to work in Sandy Springs.

    "Bumper to bumper, gotta be alert. It's defensive driving," Schumm said.

    He said he's all for the improvement project and hopes it's worth it in the long run.

    "I don't know, I'm not a traffic expert. All I can do is put my faith in them," Schumm said.

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