• KKK flyers appearing on cars in Atlanta neighborhoods


    ATLANTA - Residents in two local neighborhoods are spreading the word about Ku Klux Klan flyers left on cars.

    “This is something you hear about, but when you get it on your own personal car it makes it real,” Miles Keenlyside said.

    Keenlyside found a flyer on his car and, at first, said he thought it was a ticket. It was actually a flyer encouraging him to “Join the Klan.”

    “Save the land, Join the Klan,” the flyer reads. It also said, “We are a law-abiding Christian organization.”

    At the top of the flyer, a North Carolina-area phone number is listed.

    Channel 2 called that number and heard the number’s voicemail greeting.

    “Remember, if it ain't white, it ain't right. White power,” the message said.

    An hour later, a KKK grand wizard returned the call.

    “This is our national flyer drive,” Grand Wizard Robert Jones said. “God is the author of segregation. He is the one who drew the color line.”

    One man disagreed, confronting Klansmen he saw distributing the flyers in his Cabbagetown neighborhood.

    Another woman said she was not afraid of the Klansmen.

    “They didn't intimidate us. Whatsoever. We ripped down every flyer they put up, ten second after they put it up,” Cabbagetown resident Catlin Shay-Winkler said.  

    Keenlyside, who grew up in Georgia, said the Klan’s history of hate crimes is not something to be proud of or to be spread.

    “One thing I say all the time is how progressive Atlanta is when I go up north and when I come down here and see this in my neighborhood, it upsets me,” Keenlyside said.

    Shay-Winkler is confident the flyers will not persuade people to revert to previous times.

    “it's something of the past, you know, it's not like the Klan is coming back,” Shay-Winkler said.

    The flyer is alerting neighbors of the Klan’s neighborhood watch.

    The group held an anti-immigration rally in Atlanta in March.

    There are currently no future rallies planned in the area.  

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