• Demonstrators chain themselves to fence protesting illegal immigration deportations


    At least eight people were arrested after dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the state capitol to protest illegal immigration deportations Friday.

    Police had to forcefully remove several protesters who locked themselves to a nearby gate. The demonstrators said no one would take them seriously, so they decided to make a statement this way.

    "It's civil disobedience. You know we are taking the risk to bring out the message. It's really powerful," said demonstrator Michelle Morales.

    Homeland Security officers used bolt cutters to free the demonstrators who chained themselves to the fence and then immediately placed them in handcuffs. In all, eight demonstrators were taken into custody.

    The demonstrators said the point they want to get across is this: If President Obama can stop deportation for military families, then he can stop it for all of them.

    “We are here to say to President Barak Obama: Not one more deportation,” said demonstrator Adelina Nichols.

    Oswaldo Flores,19, has lived in the States since he was three. He has deferred action status, but still fears the possible deportation of his parents.

    “If they get stopped, they will get deported. And if they leave, which is most of our economic structure, then we will be forced to leave,” Flores said.

    Several police agencies, including Gwinnett, Fulton County, Atlanta  and Dekalb said they don't even deal with immigration. Many local sheriff's offices do partner with federal immigration authorities, but they said it's usually only after a person is arrested for a crime.

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