Henry County

Man accused of killing missing woman spent 17 years in jail for rape in another state

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that one of the bodies found behind a busy shopping center this week is that of a missing DeKalb County woman.

Mirsha Victor, 23, was killed in Stockbridge earlier this month, but her body had not been found until Tuesday.

Dennis Lane, Ronisha Preckwinkle and Cleounsee Fisher have all been arrested and charged with murder following the discovery of the bodies Tuesday.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes has been digging into their background and learned that police were called to the suspect’s home along Hudson Bridge Terrace several times before the killings, and that one of the men, Lane, was convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl in another state.

He served about 17 years for that crime in Illinois and was entered into the sex offender database.

“Why was he allowed to reside around children?” one neighbor said, asking only to be identified as Darlene.

Neighbors thought that any convicted sex offender shouldn’t be allowed to live close to children, but because Lane was convicted so long ago, all he has to do is check in with his parole officer twice a year.

Neighbors told Fernandes that needs to change.


“Every day I would see this guy literally standing on his porch. For a long time, I thought he had children because he would watch the bus and watch the kids get off the bus,” Darlene said.

The neighborhood was rattled this week when police confirmed that one of the two victims’ remains — found behind the busy shopping plaza — is in fact Victor.

Fernandes got a copy of the murder warrant against Lane. Most of the details are too graphic to report, but Fernandes did learn that Lane recorded the killing on his phone.

Neighbor Brenda Malone said Lane had done something in the past that made her fear him.

“I was walking to the trash can and he walked out the house butt-naked on me,” Malone said.

Fernandes also found out that police were called to Lane’s apartment in June of last year because his brother, Cleounsee Fisher, shot and killed his adult nephew, who was also Lane’s son.

However, police concluded that the killing was in lawful self-defense.

“My opinion as a homeowner, why did you allow him to reside after several complaints?” Darlene said.

Neighbors inside the apartment complex told Fernandes that they are going to talk to their landlords about what goes on in the complex.

They certainly don’t want this type of thing to happen again, and they don’t want the red flags on people ignored.