• Car thief opens fire on homeowner during break-in, police say

    By: Matt Johnson


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Police released a new warning Wednesday night: A thief breaking into cars is accused of shooting at a homeowner.

    "I never thought something like that would happen," a neighbor told Channel 2's Matt Johnson.

    Police told Channel 2 Action News they want to find the man before he strikes again.


    "You don't have a heart if you're doing something like that," said resident Kiory Rivera. 

    It happened the day after Thanksgiving off Kelly Road in McDonough, with thieves targeting several unlocked cars.

    Police released a "Be On The Lookout" flyer on Tuesday for the community.

    They said the person in the Triangle design hoodie was in a gold or yellow KIA Soul. At some point someone in the group shot at a homeowner around 4:30 a.m.

    Rivera said he's lived in the normally peaceful subdivision for two years and never was concerned about crime.

    "It makes me want to take all the cars and put them inside," he said.

    A surveillance camera captured these thieves breaking into a car 6 miles away off Simpson Mill Road on Wednesday morning.

    It happened around 4:30 a.m., around the same time of day as the one where someone was shot.

    Recent cases have neighbors worried about what thieves may do next.

    "My family lives here and I have siblings in the house and I just want to have a safe environment," Rivera said.

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