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Brother of deputy injured in shooting: 'Please just pray'

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — The brother of one of the deputies injured in an officer-involved shooting is asking for prayers.

One Locust Grove officer was killed and two Henry County deputies were injured in a shooting Friday morning in Locust Grove.

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The deputies were serving a warrant when the shooting happened. The suspect, who was identified by the GBI as Tierra Guthrie, 39, was killed.

Channel 2's Craig Lucie spoke with Deputy Michael Corley's brother outside Atlanta Medical Center.

Wade Corley said he called his brother several times Friday morning, but couldn't reach him. He finally got an answer and learned his brother had been shot.

"Whatever officer that is, I want to tell him thank you because he picked up brother's phone up and told me, 'Hey. He's going to be OK,'" he said.

The deputy's brother said he got a police escort to the hospital.

“Please, please, please pray for the families of all three of these officers. Y’all just please pray. That’s what they need right now,” Wade Corley said.

Wade Corley said he had a chance to talk to his brother.

"They don't get paid enough, because if that bullet would have taken my brother's life, he doesn't get paid enough for that," he said.

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Wade Corley described his brother as an “awesome officer and man” who is six years away from retirement.

“Please just pray and lift these families up,” he said.

He said his brother’s wife and sons are with him at the hospital.

"All we can do is lift him up and let God take care of him and these doctors and nurses that are handling him and thank God for the bulletproof vest," he said.

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Posted by Craig Lucie on Friday, February 9, 2018