Hall County

Mother accused of threatening to shoot students she says bullied her son

A social media post has landed a Hall County mother behind bars. In a Facebook Live video, the mother appears to threaten students she said bullied her son at school.

Gainesville police arrested 29-year-old Cirea Oliver at Gainesville Middle School on terroristic threat charges.

A source shared with Channel 2′s Audrey Washington a recording of the Facebook Live post, which has since been taken down.

During the 40-minute Facebook Live, Oliver ranted about a particular group of students constantly bullying her son and how she couldn’t get the school to do anything about it.

She blamed the students, their parents and the teachers.

“Ain’t nobody calming down. These kids. It’s a lack of parenting and it’s a lack of [expletive] teachers giving a [expletive] about these kids.”

The profanity-laced threats started from the very beginning of the Facebook Live video.

Several times throughout the video, Oliver said she would hurt the children bullying her son and then took it one step further.

“I’m going to tell you right now, I’m putting a bullet through all y’all [expletive] heads. I put that on my [expletive] kids.”

When Oliver arrived at the school Monday, Gainesville police were right there to arrest her.

“We take these types of calls very seriously, any kinds of threats, especially to our children,” said Corporal Jessica Van.

Washington went by the home address listed for Oliver.

At the home, Oliver’s grandmother confirmed that the woman in the video was her granddaughter. She said she still supports her.

Members of a local mothers group also told Washington that they support Oliver. They held a private meeting to discuss the matter.

School district officials said they would not comment on the bullying allegations.