6 girls charged after high school parking lot brawl (VIDEO)

Teachers, faculty and a school resource officer tried to break the fight up.

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — One school resource officer was no match for six teenage girls who got into large fight in the school’s parking lot.

Student gave Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes video of the chaotic moments outside West Hall High School just after dismissal last Tuesday.

Teachers, faculty and a school resource officer tried to break the fight up, but as soon as they would pull the girls apart another fight would start.

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“It’s kind of scary because we have two kids who go to that school,” parent Angela Smith told Fernandes.

Smith said her kids are ninth- and 10th-graders who attend West Hall High in Oakwood.

Fernandes showed their parents the video of the fight that involved six girls.


Hall County school officials said the girls were all suspended and arrested. Each of the girls face charges of affray.

“It’s just absolutely scary,” Smith said.

Two of the students will face additional charges for hitting a deputy in the face on purpose and hitting a school administrator in the chest several times.

When Fernandes showed the video to parent J.T. Pirkle, he said it was not possible for the adults there to control the fight.

“They need more security,” Pirkle said.

School officials told Fernandes there’s one officer dedicated to each school in Hall County and they are always looking to see if that policy needs to change.

“Back when I grew up, you didn’t have none of this violence. You had respect for the teachers, teachers had respect for you and that’s the way it should be now. But today’s society, it’s a totally different ball game,” Pirkle said.

The district said they are reviewing video of the incident to see if they need to add more officers at the school.