Rain, warm weather creating big problem with roaches in Gwinnett County

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — They are something nobody wants to see--and it seems like there is never just one when you see them.

We’re talking about one of the creepy, crawly and sometimes smelly bugs that are common this time of year in Georgia: cockroaches.

With the hot weather and rain of the past few weeks, it appears the roaches are making themselves at home in people’s houses. And they aren’t going away.

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Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen spoke with Walt Cline of Pro Pest Products. Cline said he’s got a warehouse full of stuff to get rid of those sneaky little roaches.

“Toward the end of the summer and into fall, that’s when the populations explode,” Cline said.

All the recent rains certainly have helped that population growth.

Just by doing a little searching, Petersen found a social media site made specifically for people to complain about those roaches.

He also spoke with University of Georgia Agricultural Extension Agent James Murphy.

Murphy explained that the heavy rain and extremely hot temperatures send the roaches and their relatives, Palmetto Bugs, scurrying for the nearest shelter.

“Well, if it is raining cats and dogs, it might as well be raining cockroaches,” Murphy said.


Meanwhile, homeowner Dawn Reilingh said the roaches are just flat-out gross.

“Eeew!, yuck,” Reilingh said.

She’s hoping some bug traps and some poisons will to the trick. But she also said she’s not afraid to get physical if she needs to.

“Slipper, ha, ha! Reilingh said. “My bedroom slipper. I actually killed one yesterday.”

Desperate times can sometimes call for desperate measures. Shoes definitely work too.

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