Neighbors upset new gas station approved at a busy intersection

NORCROSS, Ga. — Homeowners in one Gwinnett County community have a fight on their hands, pushing back against a proposed QuikTrip on Beaver Ruin Road.

Patrick Fox lives in Indian Crossing, a community that would share the already bustling intersection at Indian Trail in Lilburn.

He feels the residents will be trapped in gridlock and believes the city took advantage of them.

"It's not just an uphill battle for us It's vertical," Fox told Channel 2’s Carl Willis. "They snuck this one past me. I didn't see it."

That's because even though some residents have been watching the new development closely, they believe the city buried the notice for a special meeting last Monday at which the City Council voted in favor of annexing the property.

"They hid the agenda under a different tab other than the one that says 'meetings and agendas,'" Fox said.

And he told Willis the physical signs were never updated and only show the previous meeting on June 8.

Willis contacted the Norcross city attorney Monday. He said he is aware of the issue but declined to comment because he hadn't heard directly from a complainant.

"All we ever wanted was an opportunity to be heard and we never got that," Fox said.

Fox believes neighbors won't be the only ones affected. He said this could also tie up thousands of drivers who use Beaver Ruin to get to Interstate 85.

Still, not everyone is against the new QT.

"If they plan to close that one and open a big one over there, it could be a benefit," said Jaime Garzus.

"I say, 'Fine. Good luck getting out,'" Fox said.

Fox warns if this can happen to his neighborhood, it could happen to yours.