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Metro Atlanta Wendy's hit with 20+ health code violations

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — More than 20 violations led to a Gwinnett County Wendy’s restaurant getting a very low inspection score. It's located on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Suwanee.

Channel 2's Carol Sbarge learned some of the violations included a worker making sandwiches with their bare hands.

The health inspector raised concerns in the latest inspection report that some of the violations were repeat ones.

The restaurant was inspected on Nov. 11 and received a score of 48.

Sbarge spoke to customers during the lunch rush Wednesday afternoon.

“That's not good. I eat here pretty often so that's going to change my mind,” said customer John Dominique.

The 48 score is a re-inspection after the same Wendy’s received a 73 score on Nov. 6.


Violations with the 48 included vanilla Frosty base and raw grill chicken not held cold enough, trash littered around the dumpster, and containers of ready-to-eat food uncovered in the walk-in cooler.

Sbarge went to the Wendy's to ask about the violations and what they've done to correct the problems, but a manager said they would have no comment.

In June, the same Wendy's got a 91 on a health inspection. Having two low scores follow so quickly is not what some customers expect from a well-known chain restaurant.

“I expect a lot more. I expect the food to be clean,” Dominique said.

The inspector let the restaurant staff know that a failure on the follow-up inspection, which will happen this month could lead to a permit suspension.

There will be a second follow-up inspection done this month at the Wendy's.

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