• GSU makes security changes after man touched student in parking deck

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    ATLANTA - Officials at Georgia State University are making changes to a campus parking deck after a student reported a scary encounter. 

    Jordan Walker told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri she carries pepper spray with her after a man approached her inside The Lofts parking deck on Piedmont Avenue.

    "He started kind of touchy feely, touching my hands and my back," Walker explained, "And at one point he grabbed on to his pants."

    She said the man followed her nearly to her dorm where a campus police officer was parked, prompting the man to walk away.  
    "Very uncomfortable. I've never felt this uncomfortable around a stranger before," Walker said. 

    She reported the incident to campus police, but said the gates are broken often. 
    "You have to have a card, and it's $400 a semester to have this card to use the parking deck," she said.
    Chris Connelly, with the university's Auxiliary and Support Services Department, said they often have to repair gates due to wear and tear as well as damage from students tailgating behind other drivers. 

    "The gate was not operating correctly and we had already put in a work order. Later that day it was fixed,” Connelly said. "Since then it's been broken two or three times."
    He said student safety is of the utmost importance, and after Walker's incident, university officials decided to completely replace the gates with a more reinforced option. 

    Connelly said they also increased campus patrols and are in the process of updating the campus camera system. 

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