Here’s how you can help the survivors of the Reserve on LaVista Walk apartment fire

ATLANTA — Several residents at the Reserve at LaVista Walk apartments are without a home after a massive fire erupted at the complex on Friday night.

Some people lost almost everything they had, and for others they actually did lose everything in the fire.

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On Friday night, Atlanta fire crews battled the blazing fire on LaVista Road.

After some investigating, the Atlanta Police Department said two people were lighting fireworks on the complex’s roof, which started the fire.

Officers arrested Charnelle Gunn and Robert Stokes, and charged them both with reckless conduct and criminal property damage.

The residents are now wondering if, and when, they will be able to salvage items, and some are dealing with a total loss.


According to a spokesperson with GoFundMe, several people created GoFundMe accounts in hopes of getting assistance for themselves and loved ones after the loss.

Below, you can find the links to each GoFundMe which includes their names and a description of what they need:

  • Kaitlyn Hoge: My name is Kirsten Hoge. I have created this for my 21 year old sister, Kaitlyn, and her family. It breaks my heart to share that my sister, along with her fiance and their five month old daughter, were residents living at Lavista Walk apartments in Atlanta, GA.
  • YOUNG MOTHER DISPLACED BY FIRE: Good afternoon. My name is Racquelle, my very good friend who’s like a sister to me, Brooklynn and her almost 2 year old daughter Nylynn (her birthday is Tuesday 11/14) and her mother, were displaced due to a fire.
  • Alyssa & Elijah Emergency Fund: Elijah and I lost our home and belongings in a fire last night. The silver lining is that we, along with our beloved cats, emerged unharmed - and for that we are truly grateful. We’ve set up this GoFundMe to help with finding a new home, replacing essential items, and helping us piece together the fragments of this situation.
  • Help Lanz Get Back What He’s Lost: As many of you know by now I’m sure our friend Lanz lost his home to a fire while he was out of town on vacation. Let’s help lessen the burden for him to get back what was tragically taken from him.
  • Dylans home burned. Please donate to help: Dylan Smith’s home has burned down and he has lost everything. Please help Dylan rise through the ashes by donating. This burning was no fault of his own, as people were carelessly shooting fireworks on the rooftop of his building. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.. ♥️
  • Matt and Sammy: Hi guys, last night a fire started in my brothers apartment complex on the 4th floor. Matt and his roommate and good friend Sammy live on the third floor and unfortunately the building caved in onto their apartment and it appears that everything inside was destroyed.
  • Kayla - Lost everything in a 3 alarm fire: My name is Kayla. My apartment building caught fire last night and the flames engulfed the entire complex. I lost every possession I owned. My car, my clothes, my personal belongings, my home. There were things I lost that money cannot buy. Memories of my brother. Pictures of friends. Personal keepsakes. I am absolutely devastated.
  • Fire loss: My name is Ty Stallings on 11/11 I lost everything in my very first apartment due to a heartbreaking fire at the Reserve at LaVista Walk. Not only did I lose everything, I lost a piece of my heart which was the sentimental things my dad left behind after his passing on June 24th, 2023. While I am aware that nothing will ever fully replace what was lost, the help can assist me in replacing necessities while I go through this troubling time.
  • Help Rebuild Our Life: Hey everyone, me and my roommate Ash are fundraising money to help rebuild our entire life after a gas fire destroyed our apartments. On Friday November 10th around 10:15, I was laying in my bed enjoying my night when I heard some fireworks going off, but I didn’t really think anything if it. Some time later, around 10:30ish, I got up to use the bathroom and heard the fire alarm going off; to me it was just a regular Friday night, the alarm always goes off for no reason and the fire trucks and police always come.
  • Assistance for JaiTee: Some know him as “Jai Tee” and some know him as “Justin.” Regardless of how you know him-all know that he is a person with an heart of gold and a child of God. At this era in his life he has come upon a hardship of losing his entire residence and belongings due to a fire that was started by another tenant popping fireworks. He runs a digital company and has lost all of his equipment as well.
  • Help Janée rebuild after devastating fire: Janée is an incredible person who has always been there for others in times of need. Now, it’s our turn to rally around her and offer support as she faces the daunting task of rebuilding her life from scratch. The fire not only took away her home but also many cherished possessions and memories.
  • Fire Recovery: My fiance and I just lost everything we owned in a fire at our apartment complex. We live on the top floor where the fire started. Within an hour the top (4th story) and 3rd story fully became engulfed in flames and collapsed. Nothing is recoverable. Aside from precious items I had from my deceased dad we lost an unimaginable amount of personal items that made up our home, including a lot of our wedding items.
  • Fire Recovery: I just lost everything I owned in a fire at my apartment complex. I lived on the top floor where the fire started. Within an hour the top (4th story) and 3rd story fully became engulfed in flames and collapsed. Nothing is recoverable. I lost an unimaginable amount of personal items that made up my home, including a lot of our family photos of my mom.
  • Support for Ivan Pereida after apartment fire: On November 10, 2023 around 10:00pm, an apartment fire broke out in the Buckhead/Brookhaven area. Unfortunately, Ivan Pereida, our fellow colleague, and his roommates, were severely impacted, losing all of their personal belongings after having to make an emergent evacuation.
  • ATL APARTMENT FIRE TOOK ALL WE HAD: My daughter Kirsten & I were amongst the hundreds of residents who were displaced due to our apartment building being set on fire 11/10/23 around 11 p.m. Sadly I had to evacuate my home, forcing me to leave many valuables & sentimental items behind.
  • Fire loss: Hi, everyone if you haven’t heard already Nike (Nyoko) and her sister/roommate Lola lost everything in a devastating fire at the Reserve at LaVista Walk last night that destroyed their home, all of their belongings were destroyed in the fire including sentimental items that can never be replaced.
  • To help our own, Ofc. Chandler who lost his home: On Friday, November 10th, a Zone 5 Morning Watch Officer and TFO, Officer Chandler, responded to a high-rise fire at his apartment complex in Zone 2, Reserve at LaVista Walk apartments. Officer Chandler and other APD units responded quickly to help alert and evacuate the building. Unfortunately, Officer Chandler lost his apartment, possessions, and sweet cat to the fire while helping others.
  • My Kids and I. We lost everything in the fire: Hi everyone if you haven’t heard already My kids and I lost everything in a devastating fire at the Reserve at LaVista Walk last night that destroyed their home, all of their belongings were destroyed in the fire including sentimental items that can never be replaced. We know we can’t replace everything that was lost but we can help them replace their basic needs: clothes, foods, furniture, valuables, etc.
  • Please help Niya recover from apartment fire: I am raising funds for my goddaughter, Niya Murphy who was displaced like many other residents in the apartment fire at the Reserve at LaVista Walk in Atlanta on November 10, 2023, due to the negligence of another resident. Niya lost absolutely everything in the fire and the building she was living in faced total destruction. While she and her beloved dog were fortunate enough to have escaped the fire without harm, she lost everything including some of her precious memories that can never be replaced.
  • Starting over: My name is Tay. Some of y’all know me some of y’all don’t but a lot of yall asked me for ways you can help me & my loved ones. This weekend my apartment burnt down along with my car in the parking garage while I was out of town. Apparently the building sprinklers did not work so there will be a lawsuit & insurance however those things take time. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated. There’s no amount too little to help me.
  • No home to go to: Hello, my name is Melvin and I am a resident at the Reserve at LaVista Walk, I’ve lived in the building over 3 years the devastation of this, I lost my entire apartment and all of my belongings clothes etc including my car in the fire this past Friday hopefully this message reaches the right support and help I need. I currently have nowhere to go and have been staying in a shelter.
  • Lost everything in fire: My name is Brandon. My apartment building caught fire Friday night and the flames engulfed the entire complex. I lost every possession I owned. My finances, my clothes, my personal belongings, my business, my home. I have never asked for help but I need it now. Any assistance you can provide would be a godsend. I appreciate all of you. Please keep me in your prayers.
  • Help Taylor Rebuild After Fire Destroys Home: My name is Ada and I am starting a fundraiser on behalf of my close friend, Taylor Adkins, who recently lost her home due to a devastating fire at the Reserve on Lavista Walk apartments. This is the second time in less than a year she’s been displaced from her home and my heart breaks for her. Last Christmas, all of the pipes in her apartment complex burst because of the cold temperatures and it completely flooded her home. Now, her new home that she recently moved into has been destroyed by the fire. Taylor is too humble to ask for any help, so I wanted to lift her spirits and try to help her recover some of the things she’s lost.
  • Helping Diego Rebuild His Life: I am devastated to share that on November 11th I lost everything I owned in a building fire. For those that know me and what I do, (and for those who don’t) that means all my bare necessities along with costumes, performance equipment, art work, and the hardest of all… my sewing machines which weren’t only my tools, but the machines my late mother taught me how to sew on. All I’m left with is thankfully my car and the clothes on my back. I am absolutely grateful that myself, along with all the tenants in my building are safe and sound and although the sentimental stuff will never be replaced, everything else thankfully can.
  • Apartment Fire Relife: Rebuilding Rain’s Life: On Friday night, my daughter experienced a life-altering event when her apartment was engulfed in a massive fire. Although she and Nala (her fur baby) were not present at the time, she lost everything she owned & now faces the daunting task of starting over from scratch.
  • We Lost Everything to a Tragic Fire! 1155 LaVista: On 11/10/23 , began the most horrific and troubling event we have ever experienced in our lives. We lost everything in a matter of moments due to a tragic fire. We were left with only the clothes on our backs. We watched as the fire , engulfed the place we call home. Heartbroken, distraught, displaced and devastated are the only words to describe how we feel at this moment. All of our life memories have been erased from the world. We were preparing for the holidays with our love ones and now we have to prepare to restart our lives from scratch. Any donation will help.
  • Help Us Recover From Fire, we lost EVERYTHING: Hi our names are Dorian and Janee. On the night of November 10th the most unimaginable thing happened to us. We were awaken out of our sleep to the sounds of banging on the door and the constant shrieking of alarms. Confused but compliant, we grabbed our dog and followed the rush of other confused neighbor’s.We were oblivious, to what was actually happening because at the time there was no physical evidence of smoke or fire . In our minds it was just another random false alarm which has happened several times before at the, “Reserve at LaVista Walk.” We naively thought the worst would be the physical discomfort of standing outside in the cold for minutes then hours, just to be able to return to the warmth and safety of our apartment. Then just like that smoke, fire and finally a blazing inferno of hopelessness…
  • Help Support Shawn Rebuild From the Ashes: Hi, my name is Tom Fields and in the early morning of November 11, 2023, my dear friend’s apartment building went up in flames. Shawn Tate has suffered a total loss and needs our help and support to rebuild from the ashes. Shawn loves selfishly and never meets a stranger. Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.
  • Help Bring Oga One Step Closer to Stability: Hi Everyone, My best friend recently lost her home and belongings in a fire a few days ago in Atlanta GA. We’ve set up this GoFundMe to help with finding her a new place to call home, replacing essential items, and helping her to piece together the fragments of this situation. My best friend has worked so hard for everything she has so, for this to happen. It has definitely taken a toll on her. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings her one step closer to stability.
  • LaVista Walk Small Business Rise from Ashes: It’s Oshia here, and I’m reaching out to you with a heart full of gratitude, resilience, and a bit of vulnerability. In June, we opened the doors of Please Don’t Tell ATL, a space that became more than just a business—it became a canvas for dreams, a sanctuary of creativity, and a place where the pulse of our vibrant community echoed through every stroke of paint. The recent fire that swept through our beloved studio was more than a tragedy; it was a chapter of dreams and hard work engulfed in flames. As I stand amidst the remnants of what was once a haven for artists, I can’t help but feel the weight of the challenge ahead.
  • Emergency Funds: Hey guys some of y’all know me and my girlfriend apartment complex caught on fire friday night and I’m trying to raise money to help get us and my friends get back on track! Anything will help. Thanks y’all
  • LOST EVERYTHING!!!: Hi, my name is Dionne, and I’m seeking help for my daughter, Erin, who was burned out of her top floor home at Reserve at Lavista Walk on Friday night. Thanking God for Dylan, because he rescued her fur baby and kept her safe until she was able to get home. We are praying for Dylan as he is also starting this painful journey to rebuild.
  • Reserve at LaVista Walk Apartment Fire: Hello everyone my name is Arabelle Jean-Louis and my best friend Kendra O’Koli who lived here, lost everything in this tragic fire. Any donation amount is appreciated. Anyone who knows Kendra, knows of her amazing character and how much joy and love she brings to the lives of others. This tragic event has displaced my friend, and funding would really help her get back on her feet as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
  • Help me and my family after fire: Hi guys, unfortunately my apartment building has caught fire. Although me and my family are safe we have lost a lot due to this tragedy. Anything will help and I appreciate everyone.
  • Fundraiser for music equipment lost in fire: Hello everyone, my name is Ludovic, but most people may know me as ethier Luda or Jugo. I am a music producer from New York City and recently moved to Atlanta Georgia a few months ago. On Friday night November 10 2023, the building complex i lived in, known as Lavista Walk, was caught on fire. Along with the hundreds of other tenants that lived at Lavista Walk, I lost completely everything. Although im forever grateful and thankful for surviving, Im extremely hurt and devestated by the outcome. Ive been in the music industry for over 13 years now and lost 13 years worth of music equipment from my in- home recording studio. There are many things we can replace in life but replacing 13 years worth of hard work is’nt something i imagine doing alone. So if anyone is willing to help me out, i’d gladly appreciate it, whole heartedly. Every cent and every dollar will go into redbuilding my career in music. Thank you all for taking the time to hear my story.
  • LaVista Fire Recovery Lost Everything: Bryson lost his home and belongings in a fire on 11/10/23. While he made it out unharmed he lost everything in the fire. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please keep him in your prayers. I’ve set up this GoFundMe to help with finding a new home, and clothes, replacing essential items, and helping him piece together the fragments of this situation. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to stability. We are immensely grateful for your support!
  • Loss due to fire: Hi guys, I hate even doing this but since so much loss has happened in a blink of an eye, I can’t even fathom when I will be able to get back on my feet. This emergency fund is for my current displacement and loss of my personal property due to a fire that happened 11/10/23 at my my apartment building. No donation is too small and if you can’t donate, a simple prayer doesn’t go unheard. Thank you
  • Heitor’s total loss due to ATL fire: Hello Everyone! My name is Jordan and I am creating this fund for my dearest friend, Heitor, as he was a victim in the recent heartbreaking apartment fire in Atlanta, GA. On Friday, November 10th, 2023, at The Reserve at Lavista Walk, there was a devastating whole apartment complex fire leaving Heitor’s apartment a total loss and is left with nothing. From work appliances, clothes, dog beds/toys, and even his own bed, along with everything else; Heitor lost 100% of everything. As he and his two dogs, Ryder and Charlie, are okay, the devastation of losing everything is beyond heartbreaking and I would like to do anything to help! As of now, there is no cooperation from the complex and I am asking everyone to help my friend out as this is a stressful time for him and everyone who was affected! Anything is helpful and I thank you for helping, even in the slightest!
  • Lost everything in apartment fire: Hi, my name is Dee Johnson and I’m doing this fundraiser for my best friend’s daughter who lost everything she owns in an Apartment fire on Friday, November 10th at around 10:00 pm at the Reserve at LaVista Walk Apartments in Atlanta, GA. We are so grateful that God spared her life because she was sleep when the fire started. The only thing she walked away with was the clothes she was wearing. She is currently enrolled in Emory University to become a nurse.
  • Best friend and God Daughter Lost Everything: I am writing on the behalf of my best friend/Sister and her 6 year old daughter. She’s my best friend I call my sister from another mother. On November 10, 2023 my sister called me in tears with my Goddaughter telling me she and my goddaughter lost everything in a fire at their apartment complex Reserve at Lavista Walk. Her father’s urn and sentimental values were also destroyed. I know it’s been hard for her these past 2 years and now it’s just another setback. She’s worked so hard to get to where she is now and I am so devastated for her and my Goddaughter with everything that has to be replaced as far as household essentials, furniture, clothes and extra household items including food as well. Her and my Goddaughter are safe and that’s the big picture in this all but, now with the holidays around the corner she’s going to need more help than ever. I love her dearly and I want her to know that she has people in her corner and a community that will come together to help her. Thank you all for the kind words, support and contributions. She is very thankful for any kind of support at this time. Thank You So Much.
  • Help My Daughter Recover from an apartment Fire: Hi my name is Litzia, and my daughter Jailyn’s apartment building (Reserve at Lavista Walk) in Atlanta on 11/10/23 caught on fire early this morning. She has been working tirelessly just to to make it and make ends meet and has recently gone back to school. Just to have her life derailed and efforts mean nothing. She has lost everything she owned nothing was salvageable, loosing camera equipment, clothing, vintage albums and so many irreplaceable memories including her beloved dogs ashes. She has to completely restart her life over again and needs everything. Please help her rebuild after this devastating loss. Anything you donate will help towards her rebuilding and getting back on her feet. It would be so appreciated. Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness in giving.
  • Victoria and David - Fire Victims: David and Victoria arrived at their top story apartment Friday night after celebrating a friend’s engagement. Within 20 minutes of their return home, the police banged on their door and ordered them to evacuate --- NOW! We have had so many people reach out who want to help. We are not sure what all to do at this moment. Until we figure things out, it was suggested that we create a GoFundMe account. If you would like to donate, please do.
  • Don’t have property insurance, EVERYTHING is gone: I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to share a heartbreaking incident that has left my roommate and me in a state of shock and despair. As we navigate through this devastating loss, we are reaching out to seek support from our community. Every contribution, regardless of its size, will bring us one step closer to stability and help us rebuild our lives in the United States. Your assistance means the world to us, and we sincerely appreciate any support you can provide during this challenging time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding and generosity. With gratitude, Hyungyu Kim (Hank Kim) and Jaeung Lee.

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