• Glitch at Wendy's causes customers to be charged multiple times


    NEWNAN - A Wendy’s restaurant owner said extra charges on customers' bank statements are due to a computer glitch, not fraud.

    Channel 2's Ashley Swann learned that people in Newnan are talking about the glitch that affected over a thousand customers.

    About 1,600 people who ate at the Wendy's on Bullsboro Drive about a month ago were charged this week, not once but three times. It lead many to think they were the victims of credit card fraud.

    “They got me all screwed up,” said customer Alton James.

    Alton is one of more than a thousand residents who noticed bogus charges on their credit card statements coming from the Wendy's and immediately feared fraud.

    "I thought that somebody had gone in my account and gotten all my money out. I didn't know what was going on," James said.

    Wendy's representatives said that wasn't the case. Rather, a computer glitch following the restaurant's million dollar remodel is to blame, they say, for not only processing about 1,600 transactions a month late, but multiple times.

    “We just sincerely apologize and wish it didn't happen. But now that it did happen, we'll do all we have to do to make it right,” said district manager Charlie Davis.

    Davis said customers began calling Tuesday to report their concerns. He said the extra charges didn't actually process, but the pending payments still led some guests to go overdrawn and incur fees.

    “If there is someone who has incurred some overdraft charges that the bank will not take care of for them, we are prepared to take care of them for them," Davis said.

    Alton said he didn't incur fees, but did cancel his card after seeing an alarming number of pending charges.

    "I'm glad they figured out the problem," James said. He said will now stick to cash.

    “I'm using cash when I come back in here. It'll be cash from now on for a long time," James said.

    Restaurant managers want to reiterate that this was just a glitch and that no one's credit card information was compromised. They're handing out letters to customers affected by all of this, which say they will reimburse anyone for bank fees, if they need to.

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