Georgia Supreme Court hears Hemy Neuman appeal

ATLANTA — Georgia's Supreme Court is set to hear an appeal by the so-called Dunwoody Day Care killer on Tuesday afternoon.

Hemy Neuman’s defense team says his conviction is based on the false testimony of his mistress, Andrea Sneiderman.

They are expected to make four seperate arguments, including a claim that Andrea Sneiderman, Neuman's mistress, lied on the stand.

A jury convicted Neuman in 2012 of killing Rusty Sneiderman, Andrea’s husband, in the parking lot of his son’s Dunwoody preschool.

Sneiderman was convicted of perjury in 2013.

Neuman’s attorneys say the judge should not have allowed evidence from two defense consultant doctors who visited Neuman in jail and should have allowed records from a family therapist who called Neuman suicidal with a mood disorder.

The defense team also wanted to ask more questions of Shayna Citron, Andrea Sneiderman’s former best friend, after a controversial hug in front of the jury.

Prosecutors will argue that Andrea Sneiderman’s testimony is not essential for the conviction and that a verdict should only be set aside only if it could not have been obtained without the perjured evidence.
The hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday but a decision may not come for several weeks.
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