GA Lowe’s worker punched 3 times trying to stop thieves. She’s now been fired after 13 years on job

RINCON, Ga. — A Georgia Lowe’s store employee has been fired after trying to stop thieves from stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

Police said three people came into the store in Rincon and loaded up their shopping cart with about $2,100 worth of merchandise.

As they were trying to leave the store without paying, employee Donna Hansbrough, 68, grabbed the cart, trying to stop them, police said.


That’s when one of the thieves hit Hansbrough in the face three times, leaving her with a black eye, police said.

Investigators said two of the three thieves are still on the run. They are currently looking for Takyah Berry and Joseph Berry. The two are uncle and niece to each other.

As for Hansbrough, she was fired from Lowe’s for violating the store’s policy, police said.

She had been employed at the store for 13 years.


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