Former Henry County officer seen on video choking ex-NFL player during arrest pleads guilty

Former Henry County officer seen on video choking ex-NFL player during arrest pleads guilty

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — A former Henry County police officer has pleaded guilty nearly three years after a viral video showed him choking a former NFL player during a traffic stop arrest.

David Rose pleaded guilty to a count of simple battery connected to his arrest of Desmond Marrow on Dec. 2, 2017.

As part of his agreement, Rose must serve 12 months probation, complete an anger management class, 40 hours of community service and have no contact with Marrow. Rose will not be allowed to work again as an officer or get his certification reinstated.

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“Through his revealing words and actions, David Rose tarnished the badge that represents all the honorable and brave men and women who serve in law enforcement. As a result of this plea, Rose will never work as a police officer again,” Henry County District Attorney Darius Pattillo said. “I am satisfied that he has been held accountable for his actions against Desmond Marrow.”


Channel 2 Action News was the first to show the video of officers choking Marrow in Dec. 2017 during a traffic stop in a Target parking lot.

In the one-minute video clip, officers can be seen forcefully taking a handcuffed Marrow to the ground by sweeping his legs out from under him as he yells, “I’m not even fighting back.”

When he’s on the ground, an officer puts his hand on Marrow’s throat for several seconds and Marrow says, “I can’t breathe,” while another officer tells him to settle down.

Chief Mark Amerman had ordered an internal affairs investigation and placed Rose on administrative duty. Two weeks later, the department fired Rose for use of unnecessary force.

Rose was also recorded on his in-car video camera system saying that he had choked Marrow and that he wasn’t going to include that information in his report. He later

Last year, a grand jury indicted Rose on charges of excessive force, violation of oath, false official certificates and writings along with making false statements. Last month, Rose’s attorneys tried to get the excessive force charges thrown out.