• FDA warns of products claiming to cure Ebola virus


    ATLANTA - There are currently no FDA approved drugs or vaccines for the Ebola virus, but products are popping up online. 

    It is said you can find anything you need online, but do not be fooled.

    The Food and Drug Administration is alerting people to beware of products that claim to protect people from the virus.

    “We are of the mentality of what can we do? What can we take to try to protect ourselves?,” Pharmacist Ira Katz said.

    Katz said it is arguably, the American way.

    “Americans like to pop a pill,”Katz said. With the Ebola virus, however, he said there is not much to do.

     “There is really is nothing we can do to try to protect ourselves,” he said.  

    Katz said a rush to self-medicate in hopes of protecting one's health is not new, but he warns people to beware.

    “It’s probably a scam. Save your money and don't buy anything that may potentially can actually harm you and hurt you,” he said. “It could be nothing more than maybe some vitamins, maybe or nothing more than sugar pills.”

    At DeKalb Medical Center, Dr. Robin Henry Dretler updated staff and medical students on the latest Ebola virus information.

    “What we want to do is send our researchers out to stop it before it gets widespread. Should it get widespread, we've dealt with many epidemics,” Dretler said.

    None that ever included a quick online cure-all, he said.

    “There are always people who will be susceptible to charlatans and a fool and his money will always be quickly parted,” he said.

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