• Family warns of black mold after renting two homes


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A local family hopes their experience with black mold will to lead to some kind of law protecting all renters in Georgia.

    The family told Channel 2’s Eric Philips that black mold forced them to move three times in three months.

    “We have just been through torture. Horrific torture,” said Melissa, who asked that her real name not be used.

    She showed Philips picture after picture of water damage and black mold and warned that an advertisement that says newly renovated or fresh paint and carpet may be only hiding the problem.

    Melissa said she had sold her home in Canton and rented one in Marietta because she wanted her children to attend Cobb County schools. Shortly after they moved into the house, the family started feeling sick.

    “One night we went to put our daughter in bed and we found a puddle of water on her bed on her comforter,” Melissa said.

    When they checked the attic, “we found black mold all under the insulation,” she said.

    Melissa called the landlord and worked out a deal to get her money back, and she moved out of the home.

    Once the family was in a second home, Melissa and her twin daughters started feeling sick again.

    “We found black mold where a bathtub had been leaking,” Melissa said.

    The family is now on in a third home, and so far has not encountered any mold problems.

    Philips reported that Melissa and her daughters coughed often during the interview, and they hope the mold didn’t cause any permanent health problems.

    “I just hope that there’s a law put in place that everyone has to have an inspection, because it’s not fair for people to profit over another person's health,” said Melissa.

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