Exercise helps your mental well-being

GEORGIA — As we consider our mental well-being in these strange days, we wanted to learn more about what research there is backing up suggestions such as live healthy and get exercise.

Channel 2’s Justin Farmer spoke with Eve Byrd, director of the Carter Center Mental Health Program, on Wednesday.

She said there is “for sure” scientific evidence linking exercise and metal well-being.

“We definitely know that exercise releases brain chemicals that help us feel happy or well,” Byrd said.

“There’s definitely a component to remaining cognitively active. So, if that’s change in stimulation, getting out and about can help, but we must physicall distance,” Byrd said.

“A lot of us are caring for older family members or children in ways we’ve never had to, parents are working from home...our mental health and well-being really starts with caring for ourselves. If you start to feel funky, blue and down, what is that positive thing you can do for yourself so you can get back on track so that you can get on with your activities?” Byrd said.

It is important to acknowledge the unusual circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

“As far as the long-term effects, we know if we don’t address the trauma someone experiences, then it tends to linger with us,” Byrd said.