• End of an era: Goodbye, Georgia Dome!

    By: Chris Jose


    ATLANTA - UPDATE: The Georgia Dome demolition went off without issue at 7:31 a.m. The demolition itself took about 12 seconds.

    Channel 2 Action News has exclusive access to the planning, and the best view during the Georgia Dome demolition.

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    The Georgia Dome tweeted a final goodbye minutes before the implosion Monday.

    Channel 2's Chris Jose spoke to one of the people in charge of the big job Sunday night.

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    Richard Adamo is the president of the Adamo Group, the company in charge of the implosion.

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    "Execution is everything. It's no different than being on the football field," Adamo said.


    The difference between between an implosion and a football game is practice. The implosion is just one shot.

    "We've done everything humanely possible to take into account. All of the little details, from fugitive dust, to the neighbors across the street, the evaluation of the MARTA," he said.

    Adamo says all this hard work will all come down to the push of a button.

    "It's got to count. What we're relying on is experience and the fact that this project has been vetted," Adamo explained. "We have 4,800 pounds of dynamite total. 4,300 pounds of TNT and 300 pounds of linear shaped charges. the linear shaped charges are going to cut the ring, and the TNT is gonna do the rest on the concrete columns."

    The implosion is expected to last about 12 seconds. Adamo will be the one to push the button.

    "They're going to let the siren go, and it's be gonna be like the one minute warning, and then the 30 seconds, and you're gonna hear the loud count. and then it's gonna happen," he said.

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