Ex-government contractor takes plea deal in NSA leak case

Each time the former government contractor exited a pre-trial hearing, she was upbeat and sometimes had an odd demeanor.

ATLANTA — A former Georgia government contractor and Air Force veteran has reached a plea deal with the government in the first national security leaker case under the Trump administration.

According to court documents filed this week, Reality Winner agreed to the plea on Wednesday during an 18-minute conference call with a federal judge. The details of that arrangement were not detailed in public filings Thursday.

Winner, 26, will stand before Judge Brian Epps in Augusta on Tuesday morning.

“Reality Winner will accept responsibility for any wrongdoing and is ready to accept the consequences,” her mother Billie Winner-Davis tweeted Thursday afternoon. We will continue to support her. She is a true patriot and hero.”

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Channel 2 Action News has covered Winner’s case extensively, beginning with the arrest of the multilingual military veteran in her Augusta home.

Prosecutors introduced transcripts of Winner admitting to sending Russian election interference evidence to an online media outlet from her Fort Gordon government contracting facility in 2017.

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Defense attorneys argued against using the confession in trial because Winner was not read Miranda rights during the federal raid. A ruling was not made before the plea deal was reached.

Earlier this month, Winner’s mother spoke with investigative reporter Nicole Carr, marking Winner’s anniversary in the Lincoln County Jail where she’s been detained amid repeated bond denials.

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Her former cellmate told Carr that Winner believed she was being targeted by President Trump.

Winner was set to go to trial in October. Stay with Channel 2 for more details on the upcoming plea hearing.