• Residents want action after delivery trucks repeatedly block handicap spaces

    By: Lauren Pozen


    DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. - There is a war going on in the city of Douglasville because handicap spaces are being used by delivery trucks and others who are not supposed to be using them.

    Nearly 15 years ago, Kim Harrison was told she would never be able to walk again. But she has not let that stop her from living.

    “I do more in my chair than I did when I walked,” Harrison told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen.

    Harrison lives in Douglasville and she, along with other members of the community dealing with disabilities, is frustrated by what they are seeing in their downtown: Delivery trucks and a dumpster taking up parking spots meant for them.

    “You don’t know when someone is going to need that spot. No one ever wakes up and says 'I want to be in a wheelchair,'” Harrison said.

    Our cameras were rolling when a delivery truck parked where it should not have been.

    Without access to the spots, Harrison said many times she has to turn around and go home.


    With frustration levels high, the disabled community turned to social media and posted pictures of the trucks parking illegally. It caught the attention of Douglasville City Councilman Matt Miller.

    “We didn’t realize… we saw pictures of trucks in front of no-parking signs, over handicapped areas at all different times,” Miller told Pozen.

    Miller said it’s not as easy as just writing a citation.

    “We wanted to do a comprehensive evaluation of the situation and get a grasp on it and fix it,” Miller said.

    That evaluation is expected to be brought to the City Council on Monday.

    As for the truck we caught parking illegally, within five minutes a police officer told that driver to move.

    “In 14 years of being in a wheelchair, actually just talking to you, that is the first time I have ever seen anyone enforce a parking issue,” Harrison said.

    The hope many have is for that to continue. And as for those drivers who ignore the signs: “Shame on you and I hope one day this doesn’t happen to you,” Harrison said.

    The council isn’t expected to vote on the plan Monday, but it is expected to get the conversation started about stopping drivers from parking in these spots if they are not supposed to.

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